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Fifty Recommends: Sports Games

Fifty Digital | 21.04.2020

In a time where live events have been forced to a halt, the world has turned to online gaming for its sporting entertainment. As the rise of virtual horse racing, motorsport and football eclipses our screens, why not join in the fun from your own homes? You don’t have to be a pro gamer to have a go, and here are the team’s top recommendations to start you off. 

F1 2019 – Joe
With no Formula 1 on at the moment, I’ll take anything to get the reminder of what going 200mph is like! Racing against friends on some of the best tracks and in the best cars is something I’ll never get tired of, even after lockdown is over. 

FIFA, FIFA… and more FIFA. Although unfortunately I’m still playing FIFA 16 on my Xbox 360, I’ve never known anyone not enjoy a game of FIFA. It doesn’t matter if you’re a trickery maestro and a seasoned pro or absolutely terrible, the ‘goals’ that don’t seem to go in, the ridiculous glitches and the universal feeling that the game is against the team who’s losing, is all part and parcel and what makes it so addictive.

It taught me the intricacies and endless rules of American Football to a point at which I can actually enjoy watching a full 5 hour match. Definitely worth a go if you were in a similar position to me about American Football. 

Football Manager 2020 – Ben
I’m almost reluctant to recommend this, as it has the potential to take over your life – particularly in lockdown. But there’s no game that offers a more detailed, immersive adventure into the world of football than this. Forget FIFA 20 (or 16, Adam!), give this a go instead.

Gran Turismo – Lara
One of the best racing games in my eye, I love the challenge of it and having the different circuits and conditions to choose from. I’ve always liked the ‘hood view’ as it really makes you feel part of the game and the driving action. 

MarioKart – Chris
It really doesn’t matter on which console you’re playing MarioKart – N64, GameCube, Wii, Switch – they are all excellent. If you don’t know what MarioKart is, you probably shouldn’t be here reading this, but to sum it up, it is the greatest racing game of all time. All the best Nintendo characters armed with weapons, battling it out on increasingly difficult tracks for glory, what’s not to love?

NBA 2K – Max
There’s a reason all the professional NBA players play this in their downtime – it’s addictive. There is a career mode with an incredible storyline, a My League mode which allows you to build a franchise from the hardwood up, and its My Team rivals FIFA’s Ultimate Team. All in all, a great game.

Pro Evolution Soccer – Maddie
If FIFA is all about the chaos and the addictiveness, PES is the purist’s choice. Once a trendy alternative to FIFA that came close to overtaking its rival before FIFA truly pulled away, PES appears to be on the way back. While FIFA’s success has brought complacency in terms of improving the game each year, PES shows clear improvements and offers a more realistic form of gameplay. Oh, and they even have player naming rights now!

Brian Lara International Cricket – Tom
Unfortunately, the most recent version of this game arrived in 2007, so it won’t give you the technical realism that others on this list might. Nonetheless, if you’re a cricket nut and looking to smash some sixes into the stand with frankly outrageous ease, while the likes of Jonathan Agnew and David Gower praise your timing, give this a try. That’s if you can find a copy…

WWE 2K – Shay
WWE 2K20 allows you to step inside the squared circle as either your favourite current or legend WWE Superstar. This year, 2K Showcase Mode focuses on the story of the Women’s Evolution, there is an all-new MyCareer that features both male and female playable characters, and more legends than ever before.

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