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Blog: I already feel at home!

Charlotte Fienga | 08.04.19

I’m only one week in, but I already feel at home! It’s refreshing to be part of a young, ambitious team where hard work and fun are perfectly balanced.

The whole team welcomed me with open arms and showed me all the perks and benefits of this luxurious new office, just off Waterloo Bridge. Tall ceilings and glass windows? Check! An outdoor patio with a view? Check! Unlimited snacks and drinks? Check! And best of all… high-pressured showers! Just kidding, the best bit is obviously Thursday happy hour with complimentary g&ts.

In all seriousness, it did not take me long to understand why Fifty Digital are the fastest growing digital and social media agency in sport. Like a sports team, every individual works together, everyone is an asset, and nobody is left behind. They have given me the time to adapt into my roles and responsibilities at a comfortable pace, as well as giving me the tools to challenge myself whilst feeling confident and trusted in the process.

Given my life-long passion for athletics, I’m thrilled to be working on our IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) account. There are plenty of exciting projects on the horizon and I am very much looking forward to meeting the clients face to face in order to build more connections and foster growth.

It’s safe to say that, between the unlimited Nespresso cafés and exciting work opportunities, I am in the right place with the right people!

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Kevin Magnussen

Digital Strategy + Community Management + Sponsorship Activation + Rights Management + Website Design & Build.

We are excited to work with one of the leading talents in Formula One, providing a range of services to manage his digital, brand, image, sponsorship and rights activation.

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Kevin Magnussen

PUMA Motorsport

Digital Strategy + Paid Promotion + Competition Management

Activating the PUMA Motorsport social channels with unique graphics and paid promotion campaigns to drive followers, engagement and website traffic, reinforcing their presence working with the best teams in motorsport.

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