The Best Sports Podcasts Out There

Podcasts are more popular than ever and remain a great way to not only pass the time commuting, but learn about a new topic, skill or sport. As a sports digital agency, it was only fitting that our team shared their personal favourites from a thriving sector of the market!


Tailenders (Ben Taylor)

As with many successful podcasts, Tailenders may be based on one, central theme, but rarely sticks to it – meaning you don’t have to be a cricket fan to enjoy their sharp brand of humour. Host Greg James is joined by a unique duo in England bowling star James Anderson and Maccabees singer Felix White, but the real joy comes from the presenters’ warm relationship with their audience.

An unforgettable summer of international cricket has only added to the show’s popularity, leading to a number of sold out live events. Their tongue-in-cheek hashtag #tailendersoftheworlduniteandtakeover can often be seen on signs and banners at sporting events across the globe!


No Laying Up (Maddie Coutts)

A weekly podcast released on a Sunday evening once the PGA tour have wrapped up for the week, NLU’s core philosophy is to engage in “a smart, nuanced discussion around all things golf”. What I enjoy is that the hosts aren’t afraid to ‘sail close to the edge’; they are open and honest, as well as injecting humour wherever and whenever possible. The starting point of the podcast tends to be the event that has just passed in the US, but they also cover all events on the European tour, as well as ladies’ tours, providing a full overview of the past week’s golfing news.

The debates are great, the hosts are opinionated and it’s a fresh out take on golf – all in all very easy listening.


The Totally Football Show (Joe Newman)

Perhaps the best football podcast out there thanks to a uniquely talented presenting team. James Richardson is the host alongside some of Europe’s top journalists including Rapha Honigstein (Germany) Julien Laurens (France) and James Horncastle (Italy).

This show used to be on BT Sport as the ‘European Football Show’ and was a fan favourite before it was unfortunately cancelled. Muddy Knees Media have got a great track record, also producing a number of successful spin-offs including the Totally Football League show, so keep an eye out for any future ventures.


The Jason & Osi Podcast (Max Woodward)

In Jason Bell and Osi Umenyiora, this podcast has two top presenters. They have a great way with words, and, as former players who reached the pinnacle of the NFL, they have incredible in-depth knowledge of the goings-on in the league, which they drop throughout the podcast.

What’s perhaps most refreshing about the podcast though, is the fact that they don’t censor themselves in any way. They have strong views on a wide range of topics and they’re happy to express them. Mainly targeted to British fans, they also include a bit of a Q&A at the end of each show, which can feature intricate questions or more basic musings about tactics or jargon that people have read about or heard.

Fun and educational, what more could you ask for?


That Peter Crouch Podcast (Gemma Clarke)

This is hands-down one of the greatest podcasts I have ever listened to.

In Peter Crouch, you have an international footballer with incredible insight who is articulate, has comic timing and will laugh at basically anything. Then you have the encyclopaedic football knowledge of Tom Fordyce, the BBC’s Chief Sports Writer, and a true football fan in Radio 1 DJ Chris Stark.

The podcast is essentially a chance for the guys to ask ‘Crouchy’ the questions all football fans want answers to, and in fairness he answers most of them! Each week has a very loose theme (kits, referees, away games, etc.) which gives the podcast a bit of structure, but the beauty of it comes from the star himself, Peter Crouch. Roll on Season 3!


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