One year at Fifty Digital: Sienna & Chloe

This month marks one year since Chloe and I joined Fifty Digital, 12 months of being the design team dynamic duo and, notoriously, arriving and continuing on as a pair. 

However, beyond having a best friend to take your crucial Slack picture with, it’s been invaluable having someone alongside you to push and support you through your creative journey. Coming from two particularly contentious design fields, we welcomed a change from architecture and fashion respectively and we were incredibly excited to join the FD family and work in sport. 

It was a switch and career progression that could have easily been daunting, but the environment in the design team and beyond was enjoyable from our very first day, and we haven’t looked back since.

As a designer, the culture and the people around you can have a huge impact on your creativity. Successful work comes from having confidence in what you’re producing and feeling proud of the content you’re creating. The design team here is built on that ethos, and we’re always encouraged to create in a way that pushes the boundaries of our existing skill set. 

We’re both very lucky to work with super supportive and talented mentors who have shown us what can be achieved through hard work and positivity, and it’s helped us grow more in the last year than we could have ever imagined.

Our quality client list at Fifty Digital means that as a sports fan you get to create content for some of the greatest athletes around, but beyond doing that it opens your eyes to new sports and new opportunities. 

We are fortunate to have been able to work across numerous sports and governing bodies that champion women, something that feels particularly rewarding as female designers. Leading projects such as the International Women’s Day brand identity for World Athletics, as well as designing for clients like W-Series and Women’s Sports Trust brings a deeper level of fulfillment to our everyday work.

All in all, this year has been one of the biggest developments in our creative careers. There is nothing more valuable than enjoying the work you do, but when you combine this with having colleagues that feel more like friends – it doesn’t really get much better.

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