First week at Fifty Digital

My first week at Fifty Digital


I walked into the ‘sport memorabilia’ filled office in the place that I will call home for the foreseeable future… My first impressions hit high on the scale. It was an inviting place to be and my nice new shiny Apple MacBook was waiting for me to boot it up.

I have to take a moment to shout-out to my new awesome team!

Luckily, I hadn’t taken any lunch in on my first day (as I knew there would be an opportunity to head out into Covent Garden with my new team for lunch). It turned out to be a great decision, as a well recommended visit to the Berwick Street Market for a Turkish Gozleme was my first taste of street food in London.

I hadn’t even heard of a Gozleme before, but wow! It was a delicious and a first day discovery courtesy of my new colleague, Felix.

My first week had carried the theme of trying new things. Next up was my first Greek Plate at a very cool local restaurant (The Real Greek) in Covent Garden as part of our welcome lunch – Thanks guys!

Covent Garden is a vibrant place to be around and work in. It’s full of life and an abundance of restaurants and bars to trial, daily if you ever wanted to.

Back in the office, I was settling into my new role and taking in the information of my new client. There was quite a lot to learn and confident that this will be the outlook for weeks to come, as life is a continuous learning curve. My notepad already filled full of notes. It’s going to be an exciting time ahead and using my expert digital and social media skills to good use.

A final highlight of my week had been the timely Lumiere Festival in London, which took place on Jan 18th – 21st. Light and art came together to decorate areas of London with beautiful artistic installations. Straight after work I nipped through Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and then across to Hanover Square to get a glimpse of the light festival that has gripped the West End and Mayfair in London.

…And that was a wrap on my first week at Fifty Digital. Positive.


Starting the week as a London Commuter has not been the easiest of feats – I’ve been told by the team that an hour and forty-minute commute is nowhere near ‘short’ – but knowing I get to walk into the office and dive head first into a job I adore makes the early starts completely worth it.

Adapting to office life has been easy with such a supportive, friendly, funny and creative team around me. Jumping right into the deep end, my first week consisted of a variety of creative content meetings to analytical reports of campaigns we just completed. With a range of different clients I have had the amazing opportunity to experience just what it means to be a Digital and Social Media Coordinator.

It was out of the gate from the first day as I got down to business with my new stash of awesome tech. Being a bit old school, my favourite has to be the Fifty Digital branded leather bound notepad and pen that was sat on my desk as I walked in. The MacBook Pro is fast becoming my best friend, but nothing beats hand-making notes in my opinion!

Should just apologise to the team in case I’m annoying them with my click-top pen; can’t help but be constantly clicking away as I work!

In such a fast pace environment, it’s all about learning and keeping on top of your game. My first week included getting to know clients, learning about how to optimise social media content, understanding each client’s style and getting my footing in the team. We rounded the week off with a LinkedIn seminar to learn all the new tips and tricks on how to use LinkedIn in the most effective way to aid our clients. Feeling like I was back at University, steam was coming out the end of my pen as I scribbled down five pages worth of notes!

I am excited to meet with more clients and really get my creative cap on to produce some original and brilliant content along with the team. I cannot wait to put my Photoshop, Web Design and Marketing skills to use as the year goes on!

… Just maybe hide all the click-top pens!