Making the most from your posts: Top-requested social insights from clients

The insights we provide for the brands we work with are extensive, tailored and varied. Whilst every client need is different, there are a few requests that tend to pop up more frequently than others.

Here are the Top 3 things we get asked from clients when looking for insights…

“What content performs the best on our channels?”

In order to find out what content to push, what copy to write, and ultimately the creative behind it, you need to find out what works for your audience. Look at the types of posts that are already performing well on your channel, they’ll provide valuable insight into what your followers tend to engage with, possible performance gaps, and will help identify areas for improvement. Don’t forget to bear in mind that certain content types simply work better on certain platforms, due to the different audiences or simply the fact that certain content types are better-suited to certain platforms.

“How do we benchmark against our competitors?”

It’s great to know the number of engagements, video views and impressions you receive on a regular basis, but if you’re not comparing them against your previous figures, the figures of your competitors, or indeed the industry benchmark, then they’re really just meaningless numbers. Benchmarking gives your data context, allowing you to see drop-offs or spikes in your brand’s performance and gain a deeper understanding of how you measure up against your biggest competitors.

“What does our audience look like?”

Arguably one of the most important. Understanding your audience is crucial and metrics like age demographic, location, or even where they see the content (mobile, tablet etc.) are key to unlocking what your audience wants and what they are likely to engage with. Until you know the fundamentals of who you’re trying to connect with, you’ll find it difficult to create content that will resonate well with them.

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