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Fifty Recommends: Sports Films

If you achieve anything this weekend, make sure it’s crossing off that sports film you’ve always wanted to watch. In place of Saturday afternoon football, why not relax with a classic sports film from Fifty Digital’s top ten recommendations.

The Blind Side – Imogen
Based on a true story, a gripping portrayal of how a Caucasian family adopt a homeless African-American teenager and help him overcome all sorts of difficulties to excel at American Football. A real feel-good film that helps restore faith in humanity, and shows the training and path of a real NFL player.

Moneyball – Tom
A true story based on Billy Beane, the General Manager of the Oakland A’s. Beane introduces a completely new way of recruiting players, looking beyond common misconceptions and instead focussing on previously undervalued statistics. I love how they prove all the traditional scouts wrong by using data rather than the scouts’ unconscious biases – a lesson that is relevant in all sorts of areas!

Bend It Like Beckham – Maddie
It’s a classic that never gets old, no matter how many times you’ve watched it. What I’ve loved in recent years is seeing both the parallels and differences to women’s sport today, as it covers not only gender and sport, but cultural differences as one young player bends the rules to reach her dream of becoming a professional footballer. 

The Damned United – Adam
One of my favourite films and up there with Moneyball. It follows Brian Clough and really digs into his personality and the issues he faced (how he went from a hero at Derby County to having a nightmare time Leeds). Being engaged with the character is so important in a film – especially when it’s all based on a true story!

Remember the Titans – Max
The ultimate American football film. Based on an inspirational true story, this film depicts a high school football team in the midst of racial tension. The Titans learn how to get along and play together as a team, and ultimately this film is a tale of courage, and the power sport has to overcome all barriers.

Senna – Sophie
An incredible glimpse into the life of one of F1’s all-time greats, from award-winning documentary filmmaker Asif Kapadia. The footage of his legendary laps around the streets of Monaco is particularly amazing.

Mike Bassett: England Manager – Ben
If you’ve ever yearned for a film that tells the story of what Sam Allardyce’s stint as England Manager might have looked like had it not been for pints of wine, this is the film for you. Fans of the Office and other mockumentary-style productions will love its cringeworthy brand of comedy.

Goal! – James
It’s cheesy, it’s a classic, but I lived in Newcastle at the time it was released and resonated well! The first film is definitely better than the second and third, so if you want to reminisce, watch a feel-good football film, I’d recommend this. 

Rush – Lara
Showcasing the legendary motorsport rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda, this film really shows how Formula 1 drivers push to their limits. The film also gives a snapshot into how racing was back in the day, and the uncanny resemblance of the actors makes it a great watch. 

Warrior – Shay
Films about cage fighting might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But Warrior focuses more on the emotional (and physical) rollercoaster of sporting competition and relying on winning such competitions to make a living.