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Fifty Digital’s Spotify Sessions

We asked the Fifty Team some questions about their Spotify listening habits. From Dizzee Rascal to West Life and Electronic to Piano, we certainly do have a diverse array of music choices…

  1. Go-to genre when you need to concentrate…
  2. Monday mood booster track…
  3. What artist would you choose for a sing-a-long?
  4. Most embarrassing song you’d rather the office didn’t know you listen to…
  5. First single/album you ever bought…
  6. Friday feeling track…

Chris Hacking

  1. 90s Hip Hop
  2. Mista Dobalina by Del tha Funkee Homosapien
  3. Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys
  4. Taylor Swift – Shake it Up
  5. Moment of Truth – Gangstarr
  6. Evan find the third room – Khruangbin


Ollie Mann

  1. Strangely, House/Dance kind of music
  2. Lupe Fiasco – Superstar
  3. Coldplay/Take That/West Life – You Raise me Up
  4. Coldplay/Take That/West Life – You Raise me Up
  5. Wheatus (by accident)
  6. Julio Bashmore – Au Seve


Sarah Lopeman

  1. Electronic
  2. Triscuits – Monitor 66
  3. Taylor Swift…
  4. Boogie Wonderland…
  5. Black Eyed Peas – Where is the Love
  6. Icarus – Dreams of You


Mass Gangemi

  1. Piano – First is always Ludovico Einaudi – Nuvole Bianche
  2. I gotta get through this – Daniel Bedingfield
  3. Freddie Mercury (might be difficult – plus I can’t sing so I’d just let him sing)
  4. Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Murder on the Dance floor
  5. Usher – Confessions
  6. The Weeknd – Maybe ‘Hardest to Love’ /Drake/Craig David


Caroline de Luc

  1. Classical (or something like Unknown Mortal Orchestra)
  2. Good as hell by Lizzo
  3. P!nk
  4. Baby Got Back, Sir Mix A Lot (I slap my kid’s bums going up the stairs…)
  5. Kick, INXS
  6. Rappers Delight, The Sugar Hill Gang


Ben Baker

  1. Anything by Shakka but sometimes I get too into it so would switch to Jorja Smith for a more soothing atmosphere
  2. Alone Todla T Remix or Forefather by Benga/Kano (also anything by Kano for this answer)
  3. Kano – the greatest to ever do it
  4. Take your pick! Basically, anything from the Channel U days is on my playlist – Lethal Bizzle, Tinie Tempah, Dizzie Rascal, Roll Deep. But as I say, not embarrassed at all! Pow!
  5. Execute by Oxide & Neutrino (yes I’m old)
  6. Little Man by Sia, Wookie and Exemen is up there but it has to be Katy on a Mission by Katy B as it’s the best song ever written


Shay Smith

  1. Jazz Rap
  2. Leon Bridges – River
  3. One Direction/Harry Styles
  4. One Direction – Midnight Memories
  5. Busted Album
  6. Eart Wind and Fire


Tom Grindell

  1. UK Hip-Hop gets me in the zone
  2. Location Dave
  3. Ed Sheeran, especially the rap bits
  4. Justin Timberlake – Senorita -> love belting it out, always lifts the mood, don’t like to tell anyone
  5. Black Eyed Peas – Elephunk
  6. Tadow – FKJ – love the skill involved and watching the YT video, and very chilled Friday


Gemma Clarke

  1. Alternative r&b: Kehlan, Snoh Aalegra, Solange, Jhené Aiko
  2. Pull Up – Burna Boy
  3. Ariana Grande!
  4. Billie Piper with the throwbacks!
  5. Craig David, 7 Days
  6. Right now it’s Diplo ‘Hear you been looking for me’


George Simonds

  1. Jurassic Park is a winner if you have anything you want to power through
  2. What if I go? Mura Masa (ft Bonzai)
  3. Green Light – Lorde
  4. Queen
  5. There’s nothing holding me back – Shawn Mendes
  6. First single – Thunderbirds are go by Busted (I was obsessed as an 8 year old) / First album was Meatloaf – Bat out of Hell