Fifty Digital New Year’s Resolutions

As we begin a New Year, the Fifty Digital team have put together some New Year’s resolutions for 2021, from being more eco-friendly to getting up earlier! Have a read below:


Usually my New Year’s resolution tends to be working off my overindulgence over Christmas, but this year is a little bit different (for many reasons). My resolution this year is to be more eco-friendly and conscious of decisions I make that could negatively impact our environment. Last year Fifty Digital supplied everyone with a sustainable water bottle, coffee cup, straw and book and it’s already made an impact on my daily habits!


I would like to become more knowledgeable about a new sport in 2021. I love finding out about new sports, and given the connection within my family, becoming more knowledgeable about horse racing would be great.


The Digital Detox day back in October in aid of Mental Health Awareness highlighted just how much I rely on my phone for all walks of life (Apple Pay, maps, social, communications, calculator and more!). In 2021 I want to consciously be ‘switching off’ more, from reducing screen time in the evenings (including reading an actual book and not my Kindle), to enjoying more of the real world as opposed to being glued to social. This year we have a further two Digital Detox Days meaning it’s only the beginning of making this resolution a success!


Making sure I get outside more. Particularly during my lunchtimes, aiming to hit a step count of 10,000 a day and ensuring I move my body on a daily basis.


Some form of exercise is obligatory to any list of resolutions, and the current environment lends itself well to a daily increase here. December 2020 saw some members of the Fifty team embark on a daily 5km running challenge – I’m keen to get involved in another challenge like that this year and dedicate myself to getting up and about on a daily basis!


Due to the uncertainty of the last year, I think we’ve all felt ourselves taking every day as it comes and finding it difficult to stick to a routine. I wanted to set a New Year’s resolution that would keep me motivated and set up a few healthy habits. My resolution is to utilise the time I would have been commuting and wake up an hour earlier, establishing a proper morning routine of yoga and some meditation to set myself up for the day. Heading into yet another lockdown, I think it’s important to make our wellbeing a priority and take some time for ourselves.


Similarly to Imogen I’ve gone down the exercise route. Since working from home I’ve found it harder to separate ‘work’ and ‘home’ life and so I’m keen to begin waking up earlier and try and do a form of exercise prior to beginning work in the morning. Sounds like a great idea now but whether it still does on that dreaded Monday morning alarm is a different question!!


Going to try and make sure I incorporate proper stretching into my routine after exercise, instead of rushing off to do the next thing. Have even bought a foam roller to make it happen. Even if it’s just 5 minutes after each run, it’s more than last year!